Driver profile - Old Mel

We love the automotive culture for many reasons. speed, aesthetics, technology: but nothing draws us in to a motor-vehicle like a good story. Old Mel is the first of many Driver Profile packages my team and I are putting together. The goal is to showcase the relationship between the machine and human, and what makes that bond so special.

Seemingly Wondrous

Seemingly Wondrous is an artist profile focused on the motivation and  inspiration behind the art Kemba Kai creates. Kemba invites Makeshift  Films into her DC based studio and dishes on what triggers her art to come to  life.


Maryland barber, Jimmy Pratt, shares his story on how he got his start  as a master stylist, and what he loves most  about his work.


Marc-Anthony Murray, founder of Machinegain Laboratories, shares his  story about his struggles and successes with weight loss, and how he plans to help people realize ththeir full potential.

Trailers & Teasers

Seemingly Wondrous Trailer

Check out the official Seemingly Wondrous Trailer, featuring local artist, Kemba Kai. Drop a comment and let us know what you think!  

Film Release: July 30, 2018 

Featuring: Kemba Kai (Artist) Produced By: MJ Wolfe 

Directed By: Shaun Rosa 

Trailer By: Brian Barber of C&B Productions

Machinegain teaser

Final Teaser for Machinegain.